1.4 Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep is my fourth novel. It is actually the first part of the trilogy of books about the Black family from Belfast. The last book in the trilogy is my third novel, Footprints in the Cheese. All three books came to me in one dream. I expect this book to be finished before winter 2016, but if you enjoyed Footprints in the Cheese, you’ll find a sneak preview of the first two chapters of this first part of the Black family trilogy below.

Unlike Footprints in the Cheese, Clean Sweep is a novel for adults. It is set in Belfast in the late 1950’s and traces the story of Bogart Black, who starts a chimney sweep business with a difference. Instead of merely entering houses, cleaning chimneys and leaving a mess in the room beneath the chimney, Bogart black offers an enhanced service, whereby he gains secret entry into the customer’s house, cleans the chimney and leaves no mess. The only evidence of his having called is a small calling card that he places neatly on the mantelpiece with his bill.

The business begins to thrive, but Bogart suddenly finds himself caught between the worlds of the Catholic Church and the police when his surreptitious chimney sweeping activities put him in a position where he learns more than he wants to know about his own life.