1.3 Footprints in the Cheese

This is my third novel. I have written it with younger teenage readers in mind but it is suitable for all ages from early teenage to just before death. I presume that after death all is known and reading becomes pointless, but if you are reading it and you are dead, please get in touch by any of the recognised methods and let me know how it was for you. I’ll leave my Ouija board on standby, just in case.

This is my favourite of the three novels that I have written so far because the entire plot came to me in a single bizarre dream in the middle of 2007 and by the time I had written down the details, a novel was complete.

That first draft was written six years ago. In February 2016, after I had been wrestling with the story for about five months and still couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with it, a friend told me that this draft had three completely different stories that were suitable for three completely different readerships and that they should be in three completely different books. She was absolutely right and once I had absorbed her words of wisdom, this tale pretty much wrote and edited itself in three months.

In my innocence, I had thought that the book would be ready by Christmas 2015, but it has taken until late April 2016 to finally get it into shape. I’m proud of it. I hope that you enjoy it.

I can’t wait to get writing the other three parts of this trilogy. This is Part 3 and the next instalment will be Part 1. I hope that it will be ready later this year but I’m an optimist and I’ve been wrong about this sort of thing before, so don’t hold your breath.

Footprints in the Cheese is available from Friday, May 6th, 2016.

The book is on Smashwords here.

Simply join up (free and takes two minutes), go back to the Footprints in the Cheese page and you’ll see that the reader sets the price. The suggested price is US$1.49. Just change the price to US$0.00 and then checkout and pick the format that you prefer. You can read my comments on pricing at the end of my Smashwords profile here.

Footprints in the Cheese is also available for £1.99 on Amazon UK here. For other Amazon sites, you’ll need to go to the Amazon site for your country and search using either my name or the name of the novel.

Meanwhile, here is the blurb:

Footprints in the Cheese

Pat Black is a smart, seventeen-year-old boy who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He decides to spice his life up by stealing small objects that are valuable to their owners. His interest is only in perfecting his criminal technique and he has no interest in financial gain so he returns the objects when he commits his next robbery. Each time he steals something, he leaves an animal as a calling card. As the object increase in value, the animals that he leaves get bigger. The first animal that he leaves is a Spider so the local press quickly dub him as Belfast’s Spider Man. His unlikely accomplice, Bella Fay, is a girl who cannot walk.

Bogart Black, Pat Black’s grandfather, who was the famous Cat Sweep, also used to break into other people’s houses to clean their chimneys so when he discovers Pat’s habit, he decides to put an end to it by helping Pat Black and Bella Fay to commit two of the most spectacular robberies that Belfast has ever seen, the second of which is the exact opposite of a robbery.

As other help with the robbery of the century comes from a mysterious source, Pat eventually learns about his family’s many intriguing secrets. He learns that nothing is what it seems and that nothing will ever be the same again.





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