The Break that broke

Regular readers have been asking about the silence and why all of the articles about China and Han society have been removed. I have recently had intense experience of the worst side of thisn society. I thought that I had seen it all but life has a way of surprising us just when we thought we had it taped.

There has been extremely aggressive online bullying that I am assured could not have come from anywhere other than an official source within the Middle Kingdom. I have agreed to remove all references to this society and I have agreed not to share this short post on Facebook. The site host’s data reveals that here are regular visits to this site from several untraceable sources within China. I have been warned that this will continue to be the case and that I need to behave myself and preserve “harmony”. I have also been warned that ever going to any part of China, including Hong Kong, would be a “regrettable” decision on my part.

I have one word of warning for anyone who chooses to go against the Han machine armed with nothing but the truth: unless you are willing to give up everything for that truth, don’t bother.

From now on, I have reluctantly agreed with my watchers that this site will include no reference to any negative aspects of Chinese or Taiwanese society.